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New version of BOINC available. (7.16.11)

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2020 4:25 pm
by Skillz
Latest version of the BOINC Client. Changes are:
  • Win installer: bump VBox version to 6.1.12.
  • Manager: change "Show graphics" button to "Stop graphics" when gfx running (Mac only)
  • Mac: Fix screensaver coordinator to run properly under Mac OS 11 Big Sur
  • Mac: Enable close button in project graphics run by BOINC Manager "Show Graphics"
  • Manager: remove cookie-based autoattach schemes
  • Client: if AM reply includes a project we're attached to under a different account, honor the params in the AM reply, e.g resource share.
  • Client: Pass user priority config items to wrappers
  • Mac: Improved screensaver logic for OS 10.15 Catalina
  • Client: allow specifying device name in cc_config.xml
  • Manager: don't let user attach to account manager as a project.
  • Client: initialize log flags to tasks, sched_ops, file_xfer
  • Added a warning when the manager detects a second copy of itself
  • Client: measure disk usage in terms of allocated disk space, not file size
  • Client: avoid CPU starvation when GPU computing is suspended
  • Client: don't allow empty GUI RPC password
  • Client: don't show "no work" messages as notices
  • Client: let a project master URL change from http: to https: without involving the user.
  • When parsing NVIDIA driver version, max minor version with 99.
  • Client: GUI RPC: bind to INADDR_ANY if a remote host is actually configured
You can download this release here: