[WCG] site news of the past week

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[WCG] site news of the past week

Post by StefanR5R » Sun Mar 13, 2022 10:14 am

www.worldcommunitygrid.org is mostly a placeholder site for now of course, and they don't have an RSS feed which we could poll. But they have been posting a news item each day on the past Monday through Friday:
2022-03-11WCG in numbers - power
In this post we provide some behind the scene numbers about WCG.

2022-03-10Open Pandemics Q&A
Open Pandemics researchers answer questions asked on the forum.

2022-03-09Infrastructure Update: All Mission Critical Data Backed Up, Storage Layer Tested, Pass!
Transfer and backup of all WCG data, performant storage layer, DNS and domains now in care of Krembil.

2022-03-08Comparison of CPU and GPU performance in Open Pandemics Project
How does CPU and GPU compare in terms of energy and speed? OPN researchers compare them using two example packages.

2022-03-07Memories Monday: Behind the Scenes with World Community Grid Communications
Why did a three-month gig with a technology program end up lasting for six years?

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Re: [WCG] site news of the past week

Post by StefanR5R » Sun Apr 17, 2022 1:04 pm

They kept the news items flowing.
Week 11:
2022-03-18World Community Grid volunteers contributed to 32 projects so far
With almost 2.5 million years of scientific computations, the amazing WCG volunteers contributed to 32 scientific projects already.

2022-03-17Database Layer Ready, Batches Being Built at Krembil
Database Administrators have full access to WCG data. Workunit batches are being built on Krembil's infrastructure.

2022-03-14From grid.org to World Community Grid
While we are moving to a new location, we take a look into the major changes that took place in WCG history.
Week 12:
2022-03-25Streaks Will Be Extended to Cover Downtime, Website and Forums Have Been Restored in Krembil Staging Environment
All streaks that were active as of February 16th, 2022 will be extended to cover the full downtime plus a grace period. Website and Forums are deployed in Krembil staging environment, testing is underway.

2022-03-22Smash Childhood Cancer - rhabdomyosarcoma
Charles Keller MD | Scientific Director of Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute, gives us some detailed background on rhabdomyosarcoma.
Week 13:
2022-04-01Mapping Cancer Markers Q&A
Mapping cancer markers researchers answer questions asked on the forum.

2022-03-28The African Rainfall Project
Nick van de Giesen and Camille Le Coz from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, give us some detailed background on the African Rainfall Project.
Week 14:
2022-04-06WCG in numbers - platforms, volunteers and teams
What are the most common platforms used by our volunteers? And which volunteers contributed the most?
Week 15:
2022-04-13Validation of the WCG Environment Enters Final Stages
Workunit management, website and forums, and APIs have been subjected to unit tests, integration testing, and manual inspection to validate previous WCG functionality. Over 80% of tests and checks have been completed successfully in the Krembil QA environment to date.

2022-04-11World Community Grid at the Ride to Conquer Cancer
What do WCG and a 200 Km bicycle ride have in common? Dr Jurisica shares an insight.

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Re: [WCG] site news of the past week

Post by Skillz » Sun Apr 17, 2022 2:37 pm

Where'd you get that from?

nevermind, I should read first :lol:

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Re: [WCG] site news of the past week

Post by crashtech » Mon Apr 18, 2022 1:13 am

I sure hope they get back online soon.

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Re: [WCG] site news of the past week

Post by StefanR5R » Wed May 11, 2022 4:05 pm

Week 16:
2022-04-19Help Stop TB techniques
Help Stop TB scientists give us an overview of the algorithms used for the project, and the reasons behind their choice.

2022-04-21The Home Stretch keeps Stretching… We need to delay restart until May 9th, 2022
With a heavy heart we must announce to volunteers our intent to delay restarting the WCG until May 9th, 2022.
Week 18:
2022-05-07Restart update
We continue working hard to restart WCG as soon as possible.

2022-05-08Restart update
We conduct further testing to confirm that the system is ready.
2022-05-10Restart update
Issues were fixed, we can continue with testing.
(Edit) Quite a few interesting bits in there.
They will post a new restart schedule tomorrow, May 12.

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