[LODA] Project Status Update

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[LODA] Project Status Update

Post by BOINC_News » Wed Jun 29, 2022 12:28 pm

I'm pleased to announce that we have reached a new milestone: more than 90,000 mined programs for OEIS integer sequences. Thank you all for your contributions to the LODA project!
Since our last major milestone in late of May, we have made various improvements to our mining tool, our infrastructure and project websites. This includes among others:
  • Reduced error rate and optimized task configuration
    Checkpoints and improved progress reporting
    Credit level badges
    Programs per user monitoring on the dashboard
    Complete rewrite and replacement of API server

Our next target milestone is to reach 100,000 programs.
We plan to improve the quality of the mined programs by including additional data sources and extend the configuration of the miners to improve the mining rates. Reducing errors stays one of our top priorities. We rely on your support for reaching our next milestone and highly appreciate your contributions!

The LODA Team

Source: https://boinc.loda-lang.org/loda/forum_thread.php?id=54

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