[SiDock@home] CmDock new release pending

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[SiDock@home] CmDock new release pending

Post by BOINC_News » Fri Jul 22, 2022 11:33 am

Dear SiDock@home community,

Just a little update on the development of our CmD software. We were planning to release CmD 0.1.5.; however, we decided to wait a bit. Namely, we want to implement a robust testing (regression, unit) pipeline and lay the work for future software optimization. Therefore we would like to implement a cross-platform consistent pseudo-random number generation that would mean - write once, compile and test everywhere... We think this can be achieved relatively quickly.

On the other front, Mac builds are being tested and we will provide the community with Mac builds through homebrew platform. We will publish the news on future release here.

All the best,

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