WEP Has Closed it's doors

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WEP Has Closed it's doors

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PDW messaged this to me earlier today.
Hi, WEP has been down for quite a while so I emailed James to ask about it last night, his final response said...

I do actually have reserve servers all setup and ready to go - some even significantly faster than the old server! However I wanted to stop mainly for two reasons - 1) I’m now in my late fifties, and my wife and I have both been planning retirement preferment this year anyway.
2) I think the algorithm I was using will work significantly better on bigger numbers, and I don’t think I’ve quite got the energy to make a fairly big change to the setup.
I’m probably going to be continuing manually (ie not BOINCified) with my own farm crunching on the Mersenneplustwo numbers tho, as that’s very easy to do…

It’s been a wild ride (at times) for 17 years, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!!!

> If it's dead I'll let other know, there's been no other communication to advise what's happening.

Thanks very much - feel free to quote anything I’ve written

...So if you want to post [all or some of that] on your forum others can find out through TAAT !

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